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Psychological Intelligence Foundation is a ‘non-profit’ Community Interest Company
providing professional development, education, training and supervision based on
psychological approaches such as TA and NLP, and leading to a range of optional qualifications

If you are already familiar with TA and just want to find out what we offer, click on the following shortcuts:    TA 606 (TA 101)    TA 707 (TA 202/TA 303)   TA 909

and if you are ready to make a booking, go to: 

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Transactional Analysis Programmes 

Our webinars are run as interactive workshops online – you can talk to the trainer – you are NOT muted and NOT restricted to asking questions in writing. Because they are online, they are also international and inter-cultural. And they are kinder to the environment. We have been running them since 2015.

You can also avoid the traps of TA training – so many TA students begin and drop out, especially from the international processes that take several years before you get any accreditation. With us, you can book for topics that interest you now and have your attendances credited later if you decide you want to get a qualification. Our sessions can also serve as CPD if you are already qualified.

We work to ICTAQ staged qualifications that can lead to a Master’s degree and also line up with ITAA/EATA accreditation. We are also announcing dates and topics for 2 years so you can plan ahead. And if you are not sure, why not book into Julie Hay’s calendar for a (free) chat or just email Julie Hay about attending a free TA 707 webinar to see how it works for you.

Our topics and dates are available for our programmes for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

Click here for more information about our TA programmes generally, or  go directly to TA 606 for the introductory level, or TA 707 for professional training as TA practitioners or managers, or TA 909 for supervision/exam prepartaion.

WORKSHOPS – currently, we have converted our training centre into housing for Ukrainian refugees – we may re-open it for workshops in due course – although we very much enjoy the inter-culturally and ecological benefits of working online.

Professional Supervision

This is our TA 909 option. We prefer to call it super-vision, to make the point that we aim to help you develop your own super vision, or meta perspective, of your own practice. Our focus is on developing your ability to analyse the processes between you and your clients (or professional colleagues), and your awareness of the impact of context, so you can continually improve your competence

Coaching & Psychotherapy

We provide individual coaching, therapeutic coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, and similar formats, with a personal or professional focus.  Mostly online although there are some opportunities for this to be done face-to-face in Hertford. Click here for more information.

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Our NLP courses lead to Society of NLP Certificates signed by Richard Bandler. We work with 9 participants only to ensure participant/trainer interaction, and to complete the Prcatitioner training in 9 days. We are sorry but our public NLP courses are currently in abeyance because Richard Bandler prefers on-site and we are working online – saving the environment – and using our training centre as housing for refugees. We are willing to consider running a course for any group of 9 in a location of their choice. Email Julie Hay to explore options.


Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC supports a number of initiatives, both in terms of time and money. These include:

International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice – free open access journal running since 2009

IJTARP Abstracts – from the above journal in many different languages

TA Translation Dictionaries – showing many TA concepts translated from English into other languages

TA Research Exchange – place where researchers can exchange details

World Online TA Association – the NEW approach to TA networking – using different languages – you can join and/or access information about qualifications, programmes, conferences/events, journals, groups.

Free books by Julie Hay – click here for the series of TA from Then to Now – reviews and critiques of TA literature – free  – or look on Amazon to get paperback or kindle at Amazon production cost

Free articles, questionnaires, forms, etc by Julie Hay