Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC

Psychological Intelligence Foundation ​is a 'non-profit' ​Community Interest Company 
providing professional development, education, training and supervision based on 
psychological approaches such as TA and NLP, and leading to a range of optional qualifications

If you are already familiar with TA and its accreditation procedures and just want to find out what we offer,​ click on the following shortcuts:

TA 202/TA 303 TA 101 TA 909

Our webinars are run as interactive workshops online - you can talk to the trainer - you are NOT muted and NOT restricted to asking questions in writing

Transactional Analysis 

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We provide a wide-ranging programme of internationally-recognised transactional analysis training workshops and webinars for those wishing to apply TA within their own professional activities

Our training is aimed primarily at 'helping professionals', such as coaches, trainers, educators, psychotherapists, consultants, facilitators, social workers,  HR specialists .....

.....and anyone else who helps individuals, groups, families, teams and/or organisations to grow and develop

It is also relevant for managers, parents, marketing professionals and anyone else for whom interpersonal and influencing skills are essential

All available internationally

In TA jargon we offer TA 101, TA 202, TA 303
and up to TA 909!

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Learn and train with us in a variety of ways

running since 2015

- See and talk to other students and practitioners around the world whilst you interact directly with the trainer
-  Full TA202/303 Programmes leading to CTA and other accreditations
-  Comprehensive workbooks emailed to you-  International versions in English;  other programmes interpreted - currently Chinese, Japanese, Russian
-  Optional supervision sessions one-to-one and in small groups online (TA909s)
 - Exam preparation groups online
-  Get recordings of sessions you miss


-  Pending Covid and lockdowns, we will recommence in time:
-  at our centre in delightful Hertford countryside (30 miles directly north of London - lots of parking) 
- As previously, we will run workshops in several other countries

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We prefer to call it super-vision, to make the point that we aim to help you develop your own super vision, or meta perspective, of your own practice

Our focus is on developing your ability to analyse the processes between you and your clients (or professional colleagues), and your awareness of the impact of context, so you can continually improve your competence

We will of course help you realise if you need ethical or professional practice guidance (or challenge) but mostly we aim to help you undertake your own continuing professional development in the service of your clients

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& Psychotherapy

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We provide individual coaching, therapeutic coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, and similar formats

-  Face-to-face in Hertford or online
- With a personal or professional focus

Qualifications &

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We work with a wide range of awards and certifications that run alongside university and  international qualifications

These range from simple proficiency awards for using concepts in your personal life through a range of practitioner certificates and diplomas, culminating in international accreditations and/or a Master's degree with a TA specialisation

Our team are endorsed to provide training and supervision that can lead to awards by:

  ICTAQ  - EATA  -  ITAA   
UK university postgraduate level​ 7

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Our NLP courses lead to Society of NLP Certificates signed by Richard Bandler

We work with 9 participants only to ensure participant/trainer interaction, and to complete the training in 9 days

We'd love to talk to you about how we can help you start using Transactional Analysis to develop yourself, your career and/or your organisation.
Why not email  Julie at [email protected] or book in for a free exploratory chat with her at