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CPD / 'Taster' Opportunities

CPD & 'Taster' Opportunities - including free trial offer

We offer CPD and ‘taster’ opportunities as well as ongoing qualification programmes.  You can attend our programmes as part of your Continuing Professional Development activity without committing to any TA qualification processes - TA has many useful concepts that can be used by professionals in many areas - including managers, coaches, counsellors, therapists, psychotherapists, trainers, teachers, educators, HR professionals, project managers, team leaders.... .

If you think you might want TA qualifications,  we work on the basis that we encourage participants to try it out before they commit to more.  It is a big commitment to get TA qualifications so we want to make sure that students know what they are getting into. So, we invite you to attend some of our workshops or webinars before you make a decision. The good thing is that whatever you do with us as a ‘casual’ participant will be credited when you decide to continue. Because of the international endorsement of our trainers, it will also count towards your 'hours requirements'  for international TA accreditation on other TA programmes.

You may also be able to get credits with us for TA training you have done with other TA trainers - as long as they have the appropriate international TA accreditation – we can advise you on this - and with them for what you do with us because our webinars are always run by internationally accredited TA trainers (P/TSTA).

If you want to have a look at what the qualification might be click here go to the ICTAQ qualifications flowchart.

Note: 4 x 3 hour webinars cover different aspects of the same topic each month.

You can try us out before commitment

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  • Avoid the ‘field of TA’ trap – stay general or specialise if / when you choose to do so
  • Avoid the ‘no credit’ trap if you have to stop studying – get accreditation in stages
  • Overcome the lack of a TA trainer in your area – attend international webinars with plenty of interaction with the trainer and other participants
  • Rolling programme means you can start at any time
  • Mixed levels and mixed applications avoids narrow perspectives
  • Comprehensive workbooks provided and optional tutorial support
  • Discounts in financially-disadvantaged areas of the world
  • Competence-based – assessed on what you do and not on how you write essays

If you already know that you want to attend more webinars or workshops after your free webinar, ​please also use our standard booking form.