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Introduction to TA (TA 101)

Introduction to Transactional Analysis ​(TA 101)

Workshops Hertford (2 days):
No dates currently planned
(future workshops depend on situation re COVID-19 )
(Day 1 - 1000-1700, Day 2 - 0930-1630 UK time) 

Webinars (2 x 6hr sessions):
5-6 June 2021
16-17 October 2021
5-6 February 2022
3-4 July 2022
(Each day 0900-1600 UK time)

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Do you want to:

  • Increase your self awareness through analysing yourself across a wide range of psychological frameworks?
  • Enhance your people skills through using these frameworks to analyse others so you can better choose the most effective ways to communicate with them?
  • Improve your ability to understand and work effectively with the dynamics of groups, teams, families and organisations?


  • Are you keen to learn more about TA because someone you care about has become a TA student?The TA 101 will give you the jargon and an insight into the main concepts.
  • Are you on the autism spectrum or know someone who is? A TA colleague has teamed up with a former student of ours to provide a TA 101 program that is specifically tailored for those on the autism spectrum, as well as their families. Click here for further details.

Although TA was originally devised with a focus on pathology and therapy, this programme will demonstrate how a positive psychology approach changes the theories into potent models for development as well as cure. 

This programme is open to anyone who is interested in understanding human behaviour.  
It is just as relevant for personal as for professional development.

Content will include well-known TA concepts such as:

Games people play; positive and negative strokes and warm fuzzies; I’m OK, You’re OK; Parent, Adult, Child; Little Professor - plus, to quote TA jargon, transactional analysis philosophy and practices; structural and functional ego states; transactions; time structuring; scripts versus autonomy; drivers versus working styles; and cycles of development

Each workshop will be led by Julie Hay, who is internationally accredited in all fields of TA application (TSTA COPE), has over 40 years experience as an 'ordinary employee', supervisor, staff representative, manager, trainer and consultant, in industry, local government and the public sector.  She is also a psychotherapist ((general public, high security prisons), has been coaching since long before it became fashionable, and provides supervision to helping professionals. Julie has been teaching TA around the world for over 25  years (43 counties so far) and is the  author of many publications about TA.

Julie's courses are highly regarded, very practical, and fun to be at.

International Status of the TA 101

The '101' label is borrowed from the US educational system to indicate a beginner's course and is the customary way of referring to the internationally approved introduction to transactional analysis.

Run only by internationally qualified trainers, to an agreed syllabus, this course covers the whole range of TA concepts, including well-known ones such as Parent, Adult and Child (PAC), different strokes for different folks, games people play, life scripts, and so on – and less well-known ones such as characteristic working styles, dependency relationships, stages of child development, and lots more.

Over the course of 12 hours, you will learn about the various elements of transactional analysis and how they can help you understand yourself, other people, and the dynamics that occur in couples, groups, families, teams, classrooms, and organisations.

Transactional analysis is widely used in psychotherapy, counselling, organisational consulting, teaching and training, coaching, team building - and can be applied to management and leadership, customer service, social work, parenting skills – and just about anything that involves people interacting with each other.

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Course Summary

Course Duration:

12 hours - Done as:
2 day workshop,
2 x 6 hour webinars


Workshops, when possible again, 
will be run  in Hertford UK,
and sometimes in other countries, 
Why not choose our international webinars
(also sometimes with an interpreter) 


Workshops in Hertford (2 days) :
No dates currently planned 
(Future dates depend on situation re COVID-19 )
(Day 1 1000-1700, Day 2 0930-1630 UK time) 

Webinars (2 x 6hr sessions):
5-6 June 2021
16-17 October 2021
5-6 February 2022
3-4 July 2022
(Each webinar 0900-1600 UK time)


£180 for the 12 hour webinar programme
£40 deposit to reserve your place

If current dates don't work for you  - Contact Us - we will add you to our waitlist to tell you when new dates are arranged, or discuss how you might cover the syllabus on other programmes we run.

There is also an option to take a
TA 101 'exam' (if you really can't attend a workshop or webinar) - buy our workbook and audio recordings and complete the test at the end for Julie Hay to assess