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Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision​

Julie Hay leads a team of internationally-accredited transactional analysis trainers and supervisors, who all provide supervision to students on the various Psychological Intelligence Foundation programmes in addition to having their own supervision practices.

Julie herself began coaching managers about 40 years ago – and became internationally accredited as a transactional analysis supervisor (and trainer) in 1992.  At that time she specialised in the Organisational field of TA application; since then, she has added Educational, Psychotherapy and Counselling so that she is now a Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst in the four recognised fields.

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Julie also has international accreditation as a Licensed NLP trainer. She is a Chartered Manager (CMI), a Chartered Fellow (CIPD), an accredited psychotherapist with UKCP, BACP and EAC.  Within the TA community she is recognised as the initiator of the developmental TA approach, which differentiates itself from TA psychotherapy by focusing on development rather than cure, and positive psychology rather than pathology.  Julie leads MSc programmes for Development TA and for TA Psychotherapy.

Julie was one of the five original founder members of the EMCC, where she was influential in establishing the pan-European Board and served as President 2006-8. She was one of the three founders of  IDTA and leads  ICTAQ.  She also leads the International Centre for Developmental Super-Vision.

She is the Editor of the  International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice and author of numerous articles and books, including Transformational Mentoring (McGraw-Hill 1995, Sherwood 1999, 2nd edition in press) Reflective Practice and Supervision for Coaches (Open University Press 2007) and Transactional Analysis for Coaches (Sherwood, in press).

Julie has trained and supervised practitioners and supervisors in many areas of the world; she still travels a lot but now also works online extensively.  Her style of supervision is indicated by the use of the hyphen – she aims to help the supervisee develop their own ‘super vision’, or meta perspective, of their own practice. 

Those who have watched her in action will have observed that she challenges supervisees to expand their awareness of self, client, other parties, the context and the process!  At the same time, she is able to refine complex theory into manageable frameworks that are easy to understand and apply. 

Julie provides individual and group supervision face-to-face and online.  Fees are related to the income of the supervisee, through a 50% uplift on the supervisee's own professional fee,  and in this way are adjusted to reflect purchasing power differentials internationally.  

Julie is a regular volunteer supervisor for the ITTA - where shed donates her time for supervisees internationally, who can book sessions and pay ITAA.   Click here for the request form and further details about the ITAA international supervision programme.  Our apologies if you find ITAA has suspended this scheme - hopefully it will be back in action soon .  

If you would like to discuss supervision with Julie, please go ahead and book a slot in her calendar no fee or obligation to assess options.