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Julie and the rest of the PIFCIC team love getting complements about the work they do.  If you have been or a currently a PIFCIC student and would like to leave a review or testimonial or feedback about your experience, you can either head over to add a review to our facebook page, or you can add one here by completing the form at the bottom of the page. 

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Carolyn Marlow
Carolyn Marlow
I found Julie's whistle-stop tour of TA on the introductory course 101 entirely fascinating and excellently coached. As a TA trainer and in clinical supervision in another setting, I find Julie inciteful, and sensitive to different cultural, group and individual dynamics. She is a fantastically warm and clear communicator and I look forward to learning more from her in the future. Many thanks for your guidance.
Munwari Padmanabhan
Munwari Padmanabhan
Very Approachable,Global, sensitive and sensible to all the cultures .Julie is a wonderful Coach.

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The webinars by Julie are interesting, informative, inspiring and deepen knowledge comprehension of TA.  I like the examples she gives and the way she makes TA practical and approachable.  The handbooks are a useful tool and give some handsome summary content.  The possibility to meet different people all over the world during the webinars is also inspiring.

Froukje Willering

I was introduced to Julie by China Transactional Analysis Association (CTAA) after completing the TA101 series sessions. I felt so lucky to be invited by Julie to experience the webinar freely in early Aug. Then I made my decision to join the whole program on annual basis. Cause the learning is so profound and progmatic. Julie not only addressed the classical TA concepts or models with a fertile reference but also set up a lot of interesting activities for group sharing and discussing on line. She also helped a lot on clarifying the specific confusing topics of participant and tried to lead our thinking to real life application. After the webinar, we can also have the full recordings to repeat our learning at any time then.  I do enjoy the webinar very much with the participants all around the world. The wonderful assignments after each chapter are so thought-provoking that I cannot help putting a long dairy/reflection as well as an action plan after each webinar. I would like to recommend my friends without any hesitation if s/he is interested in developing his/her deeper understanding and wider and proper application of TA. And if there is any chance for me to promote this program in China, I would love to do anything I can to help.

Hans He

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