TA 101 Booking

If you’re ready to book a TA 101 webinar, ​please come back as details of our new design will be here soon

International – Interactive – Internet

Our TA101 webinars are run by Julie Hay TSTA in all fields, who has taught TA in over 40 countries

Workshops Hertford
(2 days)

TA 101 Workshop 
(2 days in Hertford) – £200
(£50 booking deposit)

No dates currently planned
we have converted our training centre into housing for Ukrainian refugees

International Webinar

We are designing a new approach to TA Introduction

and details will be here soon


Please note: When you are attending one of our webinars, we provide a link that can be accessed on the Internet.  We use Zoom so the first time you use it you will need a few minutes to set this up on your own computer.  This is usually a straightforward process and requires no technical ability.  However, if you encounter problems with accessing the Internet, or with using your microphone and/or camera, you will need to arrange your own technical support. We do not provide any technical support because if we did so we would need to increase the fees we charge you.