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TA 909 & Summer Schools

​TA 909 & Summer Schools

TA 909 is our somewhat jokey title that means it is intended for those at an advanced stage of their practitioner training and/or those who are seeking their qualifications as CTA Trainer or TSTA – or the equivalent or similar qualifications that we offer through the various routes.

It replaces what we used to refer to as Professional Development Workshops, or what are often called Summer Schools, although the change is to the title only – the way we determine the content and the focus on participant needs is still the same!  TA 909 can also stand for CTA and TSTA exam preparation, TEW, TEvW and CTA Trainer endorsement workshop preparation, and MSc preparation.

The content of a TA 909 is contracted for with participants once they have arrived.  It generally includes aspects such as mock exams, teaches and supervisions in preparation for attending international TA exams or endorsement/evaluation workshops, process reviews during which we analyse our own dynamics, and theoretical discussions.

During 2019-2020 we are experimenting with offering TA 909 webinars and occasional workshops.  Dates will be issued soon.  Meanwhile, if you want us to let you know you might be interested, without obligation,please complete the relevant details in the form below.

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