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TA 606 Introduction to TA Webinars Booking

Below is a chart of the webinars for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years, showing the monthly theme and the dates.

Session Title TA Concepts Month 2022-2023 Dates 2023-2024 Dates
TA Principles Autonomy, TA Philosophy, Contracting, TA Applications, Individuals & Groups September 10 9
Inside and Outside Internal and Behavioural (Structural & Functional) Ego States, Contaminations & Exclusions, Egograms October 8 7
Channels of Communication Transactions – Complementary, Crossed, Ulterior & Refracted, Doors to Contact November 12 11
Motivation and Recognition Strokes, Hungers , Stroke Myths, Stroking Patterns, Trading Stamps December 10 9
Personality Styles Working Styles/Drivers, Personality Styles, Assessing Quadrant, AP3 January 7 13
Building & Maintaining Relationships Time Structuring, Psychological Games, Drama Triangle, Disposition Diamond February 11 10
Under the Surface Discounting, Steps to Success, Racket System, BARs March 11 9
Deeper under the Surface Life Positions, Windows on the World, Injunctions, Counterinjunctions, Program April 8 13
Life Stories Script, Script Matrix & Reality Matrix, Fairy Stories & Myths May 13 11
The Challenge of Change Cycles of Development, Competence Curve, Permission & Protection June 10 8

Saturdays 0800-1000 GMT

You will see that the topics are the same for each year. This allows you to start the programme at any time, and to return for any concepts that you wish to explore in more depth.

Please note:  When you are attending one of our webinars, we provide a link that can be accessed on the Internet. We use Zoom so the first time you use it you will need a few minutes to set this up on your own computer. This is usually a straightforward process and requires no technical ability. However, if you encounter problems with accessing the Internet, or with using your microphone and/or camera, you will need to arrange your own technical support. We do not provide any technical support because if we did so we would need to increase the fees we charge you.

Fees (including pdf handouts) £10 per webinar – we give discounts to those who need them in economically-disadvantaged areas of the world: please use the appropriate checkbox under ‘Discounts & Payments’ in the web form below.

Please note that payment will still be due for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.