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TA 909 & Summer Schools
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​TA 909 & Summer Schools

​All TA 909 Webinars and Workshops have content negotiated with participants and are suitable for MSc in DTA, CTA, CTA Trainer, TSTA Exam and TEW preparation.  All include content related to teaching and supervising, using TA and other relevant and compatible approaches.

TA 909 Workshops Fees: 

CTA/PTSTA £140 - 1 day, £240 -2 days, £500 - 3 days, £600 - 4 Days                      
Trainee/Student  ​£110 - 1 day, £200 -2 days, £400 - 3 days, £550 - 4 Days

Please note:  When you are attending one of our webinars, we provide a link that can be accessed on the Internet.  We use Zoom so the first time you use it you will need a few minutes to set this up on your own computer.  This is usually a straightforward process and requires no technical ability.  However, if you encounter problems with accessing the Internet, or with using your microphone and/or camera, you will need to arrange your own technical support.  We do not provide any technical support because if we did so we would need to increase the fees we charge you.

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