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Our students often comment that the fees we charge for our training, coaching and supervision are not enough when compared to the value they feel they’ve received. Especially when we charge very low fees, or no fee, because we relate these to the income of the person using our services.

​As a non-profit organisation we believe in the principle that economic circumstance should not impede anyone from the benefits that learning about transactional analysis can give. Also our founder, Julie Hay, was the president of the International and European TA Association when she introduced the TAlent scheme for fee reductions for those in economically disadvantaged areas of the world.

So, because some of our clients keep wanting to pay us more, we’ve set up this donation page.

If you’ve benefitted from the work of Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC and would like to make a donation, or would simply just like to show us your financial support, we’ll be grateful for whatever you can afford, as it will help us grow and do more, for more people in the future.

Please note also that Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC has been donating to the running costs of the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice since EATA withdrew their support of this journal, and has contributed considerably to the cost of the establishment of the World OnlineTransactional Analysis Association. If you would prefer, you can make your donations directly to those initiatives.

To make a donation to us (using Paypal), simply click the ‘Donate’ button below and follow the instructions:

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