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TA 909 Online – Supervision and Exam Preparation

With Julie Hay TSTA  (Counselling, Organisational, Psychotherapy, Educational) (ITAA/EATA)  TA Master Supervisor (ICTAQ)

We use TA 909 to refer to supervision as this involves reflecting on practice which is conducted at Academic Level 7. We have used the usual spelling above but we prefer to call it super-vision, with a hyphen, to make the point that we aim to help you develop your own super vision, or meta perspective, of your own practice. Our focus is on developing your ability to analyse the processes between you and your clients (or professional colleagues), and your awareness of the impact of context, so you can continually improve your competence. We will of course help you realise if you need ethical or professional practice guidance (or challenge) but mostly we aim to help you undertake your own continuing professional development in the service of your clients. If you want one-to-one supervision, just book a slot in Julie’s calendar. The fee for a 50 minute session will be 50% added to your own average hourly income – you just tell us what that is – we do not need to see any financial documentation. If your income is zero, your supervision fee is zero – and Julie also gives free supervision (and training) to anyone who becomes a volunteer on her various social action initiatives or interprets for her.

In addition to one-to-one supervisions, we run group supervisions for students /trainees/practitioners and for advanced practitioners/TA trainers or supervisors. These sessions include exam preparation, micro-teaches and  theoretical and practice discussions as well as giving and receiving supervision. Running since 2019, they are also great cross-cultural and cross-practice international groups.

All our TA 909 webinars have content negotiated with participants and are suitable for various levels of TA qualifications run by ICTAQ, EATA, ITAA and other bodies which recognise P/TSTA status. They are also suitable for those preparing for CTA/TSTA exams and for a TEW. All include content related to the many ways in which TA is applied worldwide and how to incorporate relevant and compatible non-TA approaches.

If you have not attended any training or supervision with us before, we request that you provide some information about yourself – please email information about yourself to Julie Hay or book a time in her calendar for a (free of charge) conversation with Julie about attending a TA 909 (or indeed any other aspects of TA training or supervision).

The TA 909 group dates are shown below. They are all on Fridays 1100-1300 GMT.

2023-2024 Dates
November 24
December 22
January 26
February 23
March 22
April 26
May 24
June 21

Fridays 1100-1300 GMT

Fees: GBP 50 for students/trainees or if you just want to observe and join process reviews; £75 for those already qualified who want to give and/or receive supervision – both with NUMBEO discounts applied to match purchasing power in different countries

Please contact Julie to discuss attendance at these sessions, or if you already know her just email [email protected] with the dates you want to attend 

Please note: When you are attending one of our webinars, we provide a link that can be accessed on the Internet.  We use Zoom so the first time you use it you will need a few minutes to set this up on your own computer.  This is usually a straightforward process and requires no technical ability.  However, if you encounter problems with accessing the Internet, or with using your microphone and/or camera, you will need to arrange your own technical support. We do not provide any technical support because if we did so we would need to increase the fees we charge you.