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Psychological Intelligence student awarded first ICTAQ Certificate in DTA

ICDTA (under the auspices of ICTAQ) have recently issued their first Certificate in Developmental Transactional Analysis.  

We are delighted to announce that Psychological Intelligence Foundation student awarded first ICDTA Certificate.

This is the equivalent of achieving 25% of the requirements for CTA. It is also at the same level as a Postgraduate Certificate, or 60 university credits on the way to an MSc, which is the route that Froukje is taking. Her work is therefore due to be submitted to a University panel in May.

We will be celebrating Froukje’s achievement and awarding her Certificate online during the IDTA Community Gathering on 22 April.

Froukje said:

‘By reaching the ICDTA certificate, I can celebrate I’ve passed the first stage towards the MSc and also the CTA. I’ve deepened my knowledge and have increased my skills while working on the portfolios. I enjoy the confidence I have gotten applying TA in practice. The meetings with my peers and supervisors were and are valuable to me during the process.  I am also aware it is an ongoing journey. There is much more to discover for me, so I am looking forward to work on the diploma year. ‘ – Froukje Willering