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TA 909 Online – Supervision and Exam Preparation for trainees and PTSTAs

With Julie Hay TSTA COPE (Counselling, Organisational, Psychotherapy, Educational) Several people have asked me to run some group supervisions, to include micro-teaches, theoretical discussions, and so on as appropriate. I am therefore going to experiment during 2019-2020 with the following pattern that allows for different times around the world.  I already have some bookings so … Read more

TA 909 Summer School 2018

Two photos – Inside and outside – Just to prove that the summer has come to the UK and it isn’t always raining Julie Hay and Lynda Tongue have just run the TA 909 Summer School 2018 in Hertford UK. Across six days (weekend summer school and 4-day extended summer school) we had two MSc … Read more

Blog No.5: Research – why bother !

This is my 5th blog based on the monthly workshops and webinars I run. As you will see below, March will be about Research. We need to know how to interpret and use research whichever field of TA applies, and we also use forms of research – without realising – whenever we work professionally with … Read more

Blog No 4: re February 2018 Process Skills

in February the topic for the workshops and webinars will be Process Skills. This will include aspects such as supervision as well as how we reflect on our own practice. Below are some questions that I will be inviting participants to consider – so why not come along if you do not yet have final … Read more

Blog 3: Sailship Success

This is my third blog based on the monthly workshops and international webinars that I run – it will be ‘Organisations & Institutions in January. A criticism sometimes levelled at transactional analysts is that they are out of touch with the ‘real world’ and pay attention only to the people and not the practicalities of … Read more

Blog 1: Childhood Stages

Having been nagged into producing blogs about my own ideas, I am now also producing (less frequent!) blogs about the sort of content I include within the workbooks I produce each month for my regular TA 202 workshops and webinars.  This month’s topic is Interactions & Relationships and here is a small sample of what … Read more

Psychological Intelligence student awarded first ICTAQ Certificate in DTA

ICDTA (under the auspices of ICTAQ) have recently issued their first Certificate in Developmental Transactional Analysis.   We are delighted to announce that Psychological Intelligence Foundation student awarded first ICDTA Certificate. This is the equivalent of achieving 25% of the requirements for CTA. It is also at the same level as a Postgraduate Certificate, or 60 … Read more