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TA 909 Summer School 2018

Two photos – Inside and outside

– Just to prove that the summer has come to the UK and it isn’t always raining

Julie Hay and Lynda Tongue have just run the TA 909 Summer School 2018 in Hertford UK.

Across six days (weekend summer school and 4-day extended summer school) we had two MSc presentations, 2 TEW practice teaches, theory/application discussions on Developmental TA, symbiosis, organisational cultures and scripts, rackets, games and feelings, ethics, groups, script and autonomy matrices, plus two mock CTA exams, and lots of supervised supervisions.  So much learning from the students it seems almost unfair that they paid us.  Many thanks to all that attended.

We also had a big celebration when Froukje Willering did her presentation and therefore completed the requirements for the ICTAQ Diploma and became an Advance TA Practitioner – at the same time as completing two-thirds of the work required for the MSc we run.