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Our TA101 webinars are run by Julie Hay TSTA in all fields, who has taught TA in over 40 countries

TA 606 is our new label for what is usually called a TA 101 – an introduction to TA. This is in intended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of TA (and anyone who is looking for ideas about teaching it themselves to others).  It will run from September 2022 through June 2023 (and again 2023-2024) as a 2-hour webinar on one Saturday each month, at 0800-1000 GMT. Dates are below and you can book for all or choose specific topics.

TA 101 became the label for an introduction to TA that follows a specific syllabus set by the International TA Association. It was so named because many years ago that was the label used by the educational system in the USA for an introductory course. We have renamed it TA 606 because the content is actually close to the level within Europe that would count as University Level 6, which means that it is equivalent to what people learn when they are completing an academic degree.

A TA 101 is generally run as a 12 hour programme, often across a weekend. However, individuals can obtain a TA 101 certification if they read one book about TA and answer 10 questions. We have therefore decided to run a genuine introduction to TA across 20 hours, so that we can include the simplifications of the concepts as well as the academic origins, and the positive psychology aspects as well as the focus on pathology. This 20 hours will consist of one 2-hour webinar each month, on Saturdays at 0800-1000 GMT, across 10 months from September through June.

Our TA 606 is also ideal for anyone who is not undertaking TA training as a helping professional but would like to share the TA knowledge with others. This includes those who might like to run a TA Proficiency Awards programme for children, parents, teachers, coaches, unemployed people, or any other group.

You will see below that the topics are the same for each year. This is so you can pick up any that you miss, and you can start at any time. You can also return to get a deeper understanding of any topics that ‘speak to you’.

Session Title TA Concepts Month 2022-2023 Dates 2023-2024 Dates
TA Principles Autonomy, TA Philosophy, Contracting, TA Applications, individuals & Groups September 10 9
Inside and Outside Internal and Behavioural (Structural & Functional) Ego States, Contaminations & Exclusions, Egograms October 8 7
Channels of Communication Transactions – Complementary, Crossed, Ulterior & Refracted, Doors to Contact November 12 11
Motivation and Recognition Strokes, Hungers , Stroke Myths, Stroking Patterns, Trading Stamps the December 10 9
Personality Styles Working Styles/Drivers, Personality Styles, Assessing Quadrant, AP3 January 7 13
Building & Maintaining Relationships Time Structuring, Psychological Games, Drama Triangle, Disposition Diamond February 11 10
Under the Surface Discounting, Steps to Success, Racket System, BARs March 11 9
Deeper under the Surface Life Positions, Windows on the World, Injunctions, Counterinjunctions, Program April 8 13
Life Stories Script, Script Matrix & Reality Matrix, Fairy Stories & Myths May 13 11
The Challenge of Change Cycles of Development, Competence Curve, Permission & Protection June 10 8

Above are all Saturdays 0800-1000 GMT

Fees: GBP 10 per webinar – with NUMBEO discounts applied to match purchasing power in different countries


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Please note: When you are attending one of our webinars, we provide a link that can be accessed on the Internet.  We use Zoom so the first time you use it you will need a few minutes to set this up on your own computer.  This is usually a straightforward process and requires no technical ability.  However, if you encounter problems with accessing the Internet, or with using your microphone and/or camera, you will need to arrange your own technical support. We do not provide any technical support because if we did so we would need to increase the fees we charge you.

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